About MK

Hi. My name is Michelle.

I live in San Francisco.

I work at a technology startup (yes, like everyone and their mom in SF, I’m sorry). I volunteer at a couple of different nonprofit and community orgs. I try my best to help bridge the gap between the two communities. I recognize I’m a part of the problem the city is facing (e.g., income gap, gentrification, housing, etc.) and I also want to be a part of the solution.

Nope, I quit my tech job and started my own company Awaken. I’m also a Career Coach to Women and POC and an OKR Consultant.

I solve problems.

I have strong opinions and I welcome other strong opinions (but no trolls. fuck trolls).

I wish I could be more forgiving.

I’m a queer immigrant woman of color entrepreneur.

I work hard to live authentically.

My #1 value is freedom.

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