Good bye, 2016. Let’s go 2017!

2016 Lessons Learned

  • Everyone believes they have integrity. Very few have the courage to live it
  • The only way to overcome your fear is to run towards it until you can’t see it anymore
  • Self love and compassion are the most radical forms of resistance
  • Story telling is a powerful way to heal and form community
  • Vulnerability is bravery. Authenticity is freedom
  • Coaches (of all types) have a multiplier effect and can help push boundaries
  • Life is too god damn short to live in fear of failure or disappointment
  • My primary language of love is Acts of Service and my language of apology is Accepting Responsibility
  • I find it more challenging to call out white women on their privileges (vs. white men)
  • Listen to criticism but don’t give into cynicism
  • I judge more harshly when I’m dating women, compared to when I date men
  • I have an incredible safety net that is ready to catch me when I fall composed of my family, friends, mentors, and sponsors. I am eternally grateful for and humbled by these incredibly kind and generous people
Work in Progress
  • I realized my sense of self-worth is derived from my ability to serve others. This attribution of worth based on my significance to others led me to feeling powerless and worthless when I hit a low point and felt I could no longer serve. Now I remind myself that I am worthy simply for being, rather than because I’m producing, serving, or progressing
  • I need to learn to bounce back from being disappointed by people without lowering my standards or completely shutting down, unless I’m ready to walk away from the relationship
  • I still haven’t found a sustainable way to manage guilt around caregiving / supporting my parents
  • I’m learning to truly celebrate others’ successes without letting my own insecurities, jealousy, or cynicism get in the way
  • I still don’t know how to help myself or others grieve loved ones’ deaths

Highlights / Lowlights Summary

  • Fell in love with boxing. I want to get better at sparring so I don’t get my ass kicked every time
  • Got an IUD – hurt like shit but totally worth it
  • Finally decided to follow my lifelong desire to be an entrepreneur by starting two side hustles (this one and this one)
  • Was inspired by so many of my friends’ new ventures as entrepreneurs — check out the Sarap ShopMuay Thai DiariesLambert Floral Studio!
  • Hosted a public post-election community dinner for healing, which made me realize how much I miss community organizing and working with like-minded folks
  • Remembered my grandparents, both of whom passed in 2015, with Mom by having our first annual Jesa ritual, which was incredibly healing and grounding

My mission statement for 2017:

2017 will be the year that I run towards my fears to launch my dreams. 

Fill in your blank:
2017 will be the year that I _______________________________.



2016 in photos

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