We all know Walmart isn’t the most socially conscious company and we also know it has always been one of the biggest offenders of fair and equitable treatment of its workers who are often their target consumers. My friend once asked me why I only talk about race and gender issues (well, this isn’t true) and not class issues. Well, these issues are all very closely related and it’s difficult to just talk about one issue without the other. I should probably do a better job of acknowledging those intersections when I talk about race, gender, and class issues…which are all. human. issues. Walmart serves as an intersection of all these issues, quite literally, affecting all three aforementioned aspects of its consumers and employees.

It will be interesting to find out if the strike today will have any negative effect on the company’s bottom line. I haven’t shopped at Walmart in years and I plan to continue this trend as long as this retail giant keeps abusing and exploiting its workers and its customers. Let me mention that, fortunately, I can afford to go elsewhere — and many of you can, too. Sure, that waffle maker that’s $5 less and that pair of sweatpants $3 less than what you would spend elsewhere may tempt you, but let’s not forget who’s really absorbing the cost saving. Remember who the discounts are hurting and the types of choices some folks are forced to make.

Walmart says “Save Money. Live Better.”
What it’s really saying is “Cheap Labor. More Revenue.” “Fire One. Hire Another.” “Don’t Speak. We Retaliate.”

Follow the strike via #walmartstrikers, #changewalmart and #makingchange

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